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Roman Blinds are a great space saving window solution

Soft roman blinds will decorate a window and are a great solution in windows where you have limited space for curtains. This could be because you have a piece of furniture against the window, like in this dining area below…

Roman Blind behind furniture
Pictured: Roman blind in Posy Ink by Ashley Wilde Fabrics

Or it could be because the windows are small and curtains might look out of place or it is a difficult window that doesn’t suit other window finishes.

Custom roman blind
Pictured: Custom roman blind

Soft roman blinds can be made in a huge number of curtain fabrics, they can be block out lined or cotton/poly lined to let light through. This means that they can also be made to match your curtains. This is a great option when you have a small window in the same space as a sliding door for example.

Matching roman blind and curtain
Pictured: Roman blind and curtains made in matching fabric

Roman Blinds allow for most of the window to be exposed when opened, and have limited light bleed when closed. They can be a very elegant alternative to roller blinds. If coordinating with roller blinds though, another option is to make a roman blind using a roller blind fabric.

Roman blind in On the Wire by James Dunlop Textiles
Pictured: Roman blind in On The Wire by James Dunlop Textiles